Compulsory health insurance for passive residents

In the last year, there has been a significant increase in the number of passive residents in Andorra. Many people of different nationalities choose to make the Principality their country of habitual residence.

Passive residents are people who live in the country, but do not work there. One of the differences between passive residence and the residence of people who are resident because they work in the country is that the latter do have the right to Andorran social security.

Therefore, one of the requirements of passive residence is to have health insurance and disability and retirement cover that is valid in Andorra:

  • Medical insurance - ASSAP: Reimbursement of all medical expenses in the country (CASS rate) + in all affiliated centres in Spain by the company."
  • Disability and retirement insurance - ASSAP: Cover in the event of total disability and a 5-year redeemable savings policy."

*Minors and those over 60 will only need health insurance.

"In addition to health care for passive residents, we have a range of more than 50 products, both personal and business, that can complement the needs of all passive residents, above and beyond meeting legal requirements and which require a passive residence permit (car, home, investment, company, etc.).

In order to apply for passive residence, in accordance with current legislation, the following requirements must be met:

  • Minimum investment of €400,000 in the country.
  • You must live in the country a minimum of 90 days in the year.
  • You must provide a bond for 50,000 euros with the Andorran Financial Authority (AFA). In addition, the applicant must provide a deposit of 10,000 euros for dependent (partner, children, etc.)
  •  A certificate of criminal record (which is obviously clean).
  • Certificate stating that you have a home in Andorra (purchased or rented)
  • Certificate of health insurance and disability and retirement.
  • Have a medical check-up.
  • Demonstrate that your income is more than 300% of Andorra's minimum wage and 100% for each of the people in your care (partner, children, etc.)

Finally, once they have approved the whole process for us and validated our residency, said residency is granted for a period of two years, then renewed for two more years, the next renewal for three years, and thereafter for periods of ten years.


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