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An insurance product designed to protect companies from cyber attacks and the problems that these attacks may cause them. It is aimed at all types of companies that wish to protect their business against possible cyber attacks, whether they are self-employed or SMEs, provided that their turnover does not exceed 25 million euros and they do not have more than 250 employees.

What does cover: Cyber risk?


Involuntary breach of current data protection regulations.
Covers the economic loss resulting from a data breach by online publications.
Covers the cost of defence and economic losses due to a failure in the systems or unauthorised use that harms a third party.
We will assist you in restoring and recovering electronic data that have been corrupted, and protect your brand reputation where necessary.
Repair or replace the affected part of the hardware that has been damaged or destroyed as a result of a cyber incident.
We provide the necessary services in order to determine the cause and end the threat of extortion.
If business activity is paralysed due to an attack on the system or on your provider, it will compensate you so you can move on.
Covers the theft of money the result of identity theft.



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