Travel with a camper or motorhome

The comfort of totally independent travel is creating more and more followers. Every summer more families engage in tourism on two wheels, since travelling with your "house" on two wheels has many advantages.

Going on vacation to a camp-site or camping in a permitted area is always an option chosen by those who want to escape typical hotel holidays and manage their own schedules. Furthermore, with children it is always a very fun option.

However, this type of vacation consists of more than just putting our belongings ins the caravan and leaving. One must take the following recommendations into account so that the trip is a success:

For those of you who have never gone camping or rented a motorhome, here are some recommendations:

Prepare for the trip First of all, do your research into the area you want to go. If the trip will be a camping trip, make sure that where we want to go there are areas allowed for camping and, if we go camping, look at where they allow access for motorhomes. On the internet, you can find applications that have the best tips with recommendations, advice, and, above all, information coming directly from travellers themselves. If you choose to make the trip in a Volkswagen-type van, a camper van, or a Westfalia camper instead of a motorhome, it will also be important to find suitable tips for this type of vehicle.

Avoid breakdowns: If you are wondering if there is an option for a replacement motorhome in the event of a breakdown, the answer is no. As a result, depending on the seriousness of the breakdown, it could mean the end of your holidays. Make sure you check it before you leave, especially if it is a second-hand or rental motorhome. Usually, companies that rent motorhomes have them up to date, but it does not hurt to make sure. Also confirm that the vehicle is a motorhome, van, and/or camper with insurance (and, if this insurance is comprehensive insurance, all the better).

Parking: You can already find adapted car parks and camp-sites with very low rates for motorhomes in almost all cities. One thing to keep in mind is security in the parking lots you choose. If you have not yet reached your destination, it would be appropriate to park in service areas that have a petrol station with a 24-hour cafeteria, thus avoiding possible theft.

Essential equipment: Then make a list of all the items we may need. If we go by motorhome, the list will be shorter than if we go camping, since motorhomes usually already have the minimum items required for cooking and personal grooming.

For a motorhome:

  1. A hose to fill the water tank.
  2. An electrical connection cable to be able to connect from the WC.
  3. A levelling wedge to correctly level the motorhome.
  4. Melanin tableware, since it weighs little, does not break, and does not make noise, the latter being important when travelling on bumpy roads."

Pack relief and protection items, such as a small first-aid kit, sunscreen, walkie-talkies, and candles, since you may go to an area that does not have coverage or plugs to charge mobile phones.

Entertainment: If you are going on a getaway with family and have small children, we will have to think about bringing board games, tablets, and/or DVDs or USBs with movies.  If there are delays on the journey, this will be the best way to liven up the wait.

Food: The best thing is to do is leave your starting point with the essentials, in order to avoid carrying excessive weight, and buy everything else during the trip or upon arrival at your destination. Nowadays, we will always find some trade to buy supplies anywhere.

If you want to try it, there are two motorhome and camper rental companies in Andorra. One is Ifrent, the other is We-camper.

Everyone who tries it gets hooked and repeats the experience. Take advantage of the holidays, a long weekend, or a weekend getaway and enjoy maximum freedom. If, on the other hand, you are a regular traveller, send us your tips and/or recommendations! We want to hear your anecdotes!

Bon voyage!


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